Be the HERO who Increases Revenue while Sentry does all the Work!

Problem Area

You want to monitor your production. No one understands your equipment. No one company provides the equipment, coordinates the installation, installs the equipment, programs the equipment, and services the equipment without expecting you to coordinate every detail. This means you now have to monitor your monitoring project. Sentry has your back!


Identify your objective, and Sentry Technologies does the rest! We are production people. Our products and services are used on your production. You can trust once Sentry is approved, you control how much you wish to be in the loop. Sentry knows how to hook up a meter run, program plate changes, verify calibration, set up communication, and get the data back to you. Getting your data without tying up your time is what counts.


Production is up and downtime is down! Net Revenue is up and no additional staff required. Need a plate changed, a callout moved, a new callout list programmed, or a production report sent, thanks to Sentry Technologies it is done! Now you are in the corner office with the big raise!

Typical Scenario

A Production Manager for a medium size company wishes to monitor over 40 compressor sites operating in various production applications. After selecting Watchdog ST Sentry Technologies gets started. Sentry gathers directions to location and setup information. Sentry programs and tests each unit . Sentry installs and retests each monitor without requiring company personnel on location because of our extensive knowledge of oil and gas production. Final website programming is completed by Sentry personnel completing the 40 location installation in under 2 weeks.