Sentry Technologies offers multiple monitoring solutions powered by satellite technology to keep your oil and gas operations going 24/7/365.

Through one of our solutions, we’ll keep your team in-the-know with automated alerts that are provided before an upset occurs. Plus, you’ll receive critical information that you need to monitor your systems remotely.

What does real-time monitoring result in?

  • Faster response time to react to an upset.
  • Increased vigilance time before an alert turns into an incident.
  • Minimization of downtime to keep field operations running smoothly.
  • Avoidance of costly delays in production time.
  • Mitigation of safety risk by avoiding incidents and hazardous consequences.
  • Compliance with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) requirements.

Our goal is to help you run efficiently, safely, and in alignment with regulations by providing you with the tools your operation needs to automate remote monitoring.

Our Customer-Centered Monitoring Solutions for Oil & Gas

Select Watchdog, Guardian, or Proactive One to help your operation conquer common issues in the field, avoid consequential incidents, and speed up communication.

Whether you have one site or many sites, we are confident that our tools are the right fit to support field operations around the clock. Learn more about which product is ideal for your company.

Watchdog ST (Easy Plug and Play)

Our entry-level tool uses satellite technology to monitor your critical systems and provide your team with alerts. Before an upset happens, you’ll be in the know. Plus, Watchdog makes web-based reporting easy. You’ll be able to view the status of multiple units quickly and easily.

  • Early notifications facilitate control and countermeasures to prevent incidents.
  • Communicates via satellite from any outdoor location
  • Built-in functionality keeps you in compliance with safety regulations.
  • Easily connect to popular gauges in the field to instantly provide remote monitoring.
  • No external power is required because of high-performance batteries.
  • Technicians get an alarm of critical conditions that they want to know.
  • Includes 4 customizable set points and alarms.
  • Personnel receive instant alerts via email, voice mail, or text message.
  • All communication is managed by Sentry, saving you valuable costs.

Guardian MT (Next Level Capabilities)

Guardian includes everything that Watchdog offers, with added capabilities, functionality for just a few dollars more. This powerful tool uses satellite technology to keep your personnel informed about critical production activity throughout the day.

For reporting purposes, Guardian utilizes web-based reporting. Your team can view and export data from multiple units quickly and easily.

  • Includes 8 customizable set points and alarms (vs. 4 with Watchdog).
  • Personnel receive instant alerts via email, voice mail, or text message.
  • Performs 24 Modbus registers for reporting measurements.
  • Runs on batteries with no external power required.
  • Installation is simple through our satellite hookup.
  • Communication is handled by Sentry to keep your costs to a minimum.

Proactive One (Remote Asset Management)

Proactive One is ideal for oil and gas companies with mobile assets to manage in remote locations. You don’t want anything to be overlooked in hard-to-reach areas. Proactive One will help increase vigilance for all of your teams.

Plus, installing traditional monitoring equipment at remote sites can be costly. Proactive One helps reduce installation costs through a number of built-in features.

  • Includes GPS capabilities to connect a truck in the field to remote monitoring teams.
  • Information from each location is quickly communicated to the right individuals.
  • Utilize easy field set-up kits to streamline installation and start seeing results.
  • Can be connected to thousands of industry-standard sensors.
  • Automatically receive text alerts when programmed conditions have been exceeded.
  • Take advantage of long-lasting battery life to reduce trips to the field.

Talk to Our Experts to Identify the Right Solution

Sentry Technologies was created by oil and gas producers that knew there had to be a better way. We endorse our tools as the ideal method to help your teams work better, more efficiently, and safer in the field.

We’d like to speak with you to assess which of our tools is the right for your operations. What capabilities do you need? What challenges are you experiencing? How can we help bring efficiency to field operations?

Plus, our tools are highly affordable considering the advanced capabilities to support automated remote monitoring. You’ll be able to expense the cost without sacrificing precious budget. Our competitive price point – along with our industry-leading customer service – makes us the right team to help your company better manage critical assets.

Give us a call today to schedule an assessment. We’ll even come out to your site to provide you with a complete assessment. Keep it simple. Keep it Sentry.