Bring Your Oil Measurement into the New Millennia

Problem Area

Do your gauge reports show negative production? Are you sure tank runs are recorded? Do oil/water interfaces prove inconsistent? On higher volume oil wells inconsistent data gives you erratic production numbers. Bad data costs you money in lost or unaccounted for oil.


Install STI’s Digital Tank Level System. Sentry uses the Siemens DLS-2100 digital tank level system. This system uses an oil float, water float, and temperature sensor to give you readings accurate to 1/4”. These readings can be displayed on Siemens digital press to read box or integrated into an existing SCADA system. Sentry also offers wireless tank level systems for existing fields by eliminating trenching and cabling across a location.


Get your tank readings quickly, accurately, and safely. The base system allows your field personnel to stand safely on the ground and get the top gauge level, water interface level and temperature for each tank. As an option add cellular communication to give you the ability to download the tandata directly to your office from your wellsite!