Monitoring Compressors and Production Equipment to Increase Your Revenue


Oil and gas companies will continue their current trend toward downsizing field operations resulting in fewer man-hours at any one location. Fewer hours to look for and evaluate mechanical problems associated with critical production equipment such as natural gas compressors. Lost production could cost you thousands of dollars.


Install Sentry Technologies’ cost effective, self contained monitoring and alarm system. The WatchDog ST provides you voice or data, call-in status reporting, with an auto-dial out feature. Autodial out enables the WatchDog ST to call key personnel alerting them to the status of their critical operations via email, text message, telephone, mobile phone, or answering machine.


Gas compressor monitoring combined with proper instruction of field personnel will provide increased production revenues resulting from higher on stream performance. Monitoring also provides the ability to better schedule field personnel. They become empowered by the ability to know what the status of their production equipment is at any time, from anywhere!


When an engine driven compressor used in gas lift applications goes down, so does the associated oil production. Oil production ceases and the associated gas lift vents to the atmosphere until the operator becomes aware of the situation. The operator must then work with the well(s) to re-establish stable production leaving other locations and potential problems left unattended. Re-establishing gas lift production often takes several days.

Other similar applications include the monitoring of saltwater disposal pumps, circulation pumps, transfer pumps, wellhead safety systems, and production equipment.