WatchDog ST Helps Prevent Spills and Production Loss


Violations of 40 CFR 112 also known as the “SPCC Rule” cost operators up to $5,000 per day in fines. Production losses and field personnel time costs the operator much more. The “SPCC Rule” states operators need a plan to prevent and control releases of produced liquids into the “Navigable Waters”. “Navigable Waters” cover nearly any natural formation which contains or moves water.


Install WatchDog ST, a cost effective, self contained monitoring and alarm system. If the tanks get too high or the pumps go down the WatchDog ST calls key personnel alerting them to the status of their critical operations via email, text message, telephone, mobile phone, or answering machine. With autodial capability the WatchDog ST becomes the Prevention part of any SPCC plan. With early notification the WatchDogST facilitates Control and Countermeasure keeping you in compliance.


Low cost and universal coverage makes the WatchDog ST a versatile alarming platform. WatchDog ST empowers field personnel to know the status of their production equipment at any time, from anywhere!