Remote Critical Monitoring

Automated Alerts Delivered to the Palm of Your Hand

For the Oil, Natural Gas, Agriculture, and Water Industries


Immediate Alerts Before Upsets Occur

Get alerts immediately and automatically before experiencing costly consequences. Customize callout notifications to monitor what you want for your specific equipment. 


Minimize Costly Downtime

Immediate notifications mean you can quickly respond to resolve issues and keep your teams, equipment, and the environment safe. Decrease your reaction time, decrease your downtime.

Easy-to-Use Technology

Install and integrate on your own, or with the help of our service team. Backed by the always-on reliability of satellite technology, battery and/or solar power, you’re in-the-know 24/7/365.


Watchdog ST

The perfect alarm for dry contact sensors.

Four alarm triggers with callout alerts sent by phone, call, text or email.

No solar required. Powered by long-lasting batteries with alarms sent via satellite in any weather.

Install in minutes for years of problem-free operation.



OnSight Reolink

The perfect camera for outdoor enviroments.

Motion alarms sent by text or email.

Powered by long-lasting batteries and solar power.

Install in minutes for years of problem-free operation.


Your Success Should Be Up To You

You need to know before an upset happens to avoid costly downtime and to keep your people, equipment and the environment safe. The problem is critical monitoring done in-person means there is a lag time between when an upset occurs and when you find out about it. Especially if it happens after hours. 

That’s why we chose to utilize satellite technology versus traditional cellular for our Watchdog ST. So no matter the weather condition or if a natural disaster is happening, you’re still able to receive critical alerts and know your systems are safe.

Why leave the success of your project out of your control?

Take command with remote satellite monitoring. 

We Understand. We’re Producers, Too.

We’ve stood in your shoes and understand the need for accurate data without being onsite. That’s why we’ve designed the Sentry Technologies critical remote monitoring devices, so you are confidently in-the-know at all times.

How It Works

  1. Give us a call and together, we’ll assess your needs based on your specific industry, goals, and challenges.
  2. We’ll recommend the right, easy-to-use Sentry monitoring solution to keep you confidently in-the-know with alerts before an upset occurs and updates to monitor your systems remotely.
  3. You’ll decrease the amount of time needed to react to an upset, increase your production time, and avoid costly and disastrous consequences.

Take Command of Your Projects

Stop losing money due to excessive downtimes or hazardous consequences. Give us a call today and take back the power to be a successful production operator. In the meantime, check out our free download on “5 Critical Applications for Remote Monitoring: Be Aware When You’re Not There.”