Cost Effective Production Monitoring

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Remote Pipeline Monitoring

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Midstream & Gas Processing Management

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Effective Remote Production Automation

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"Just In Time" Pickup/Delivery. No More Overspill

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Protect the Environment and Your Bottom Line From Unlawful Venting

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Keep Your City Water Obligation -24/7 Levels and Equipment Tracking

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Sentry Technologies is an automation supply company founded and staffed by people who understand oil and gas production because we walk in a producer’s boots. With decades of hands-on experience in the field, our team understands exactly what our customers need from measurement and monitoring equipment, the service they expect, and the importance of fast, reliable information.

Producers in oil and gas fields across America depend on Sentry’s cost-effective and reliable automation systems to keep production flowing safely and economically. Production losses and bad data cost valuable personnel time and money. For accurate, real-time data, exceptional customer service and a technology company that puts your goals first, look no further than Sentry Technologies.

Remote Pipeline Monitoring

Accurate and remote pipeline monitoring experts

Midstream Asset Monitoring

Sentry is a leader in midstream asset monitoring systems.

Rural Water Monitoring

Monitor your rural water supply: Detect low levels, leaks, pump or other device failures.

Storage Tank Level Monitoring

Monitor your water, fuel, gas, oil, or any liquid storage tank.

Wellsite Automation

Sentry Technologies, wellsite automation experts.

Flare Pilot Monitoring

Sentry Technologies, keeping your flare pilots lit.

The goal is simple. Increase revenue by decreasing downtime and increasing production without increasing lifting cost, or requiring additional staff. This is how we measure our success.

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