Solar Farm

with OnSight Reolink 

Keep an Eye on Your Solar Assets – 24/7/365

Isolated solar farms are home to expensive equipment at risk for theft and vandalism. Moreover, conditions such as dust storms, snow, and debris can impede performance. Having eyes on the property can not only protect your investment but also support production. There’s no reason to let your solar investment be at risk of theft, vandals, or the impact of weather. 

Sentry Technologies’ OnSight Reolink camera offers you peace of mind that comes with the ability to monitor your solar farm anytime, every day of the week.

OnSight Reolink is weatherproof with long-lasting batteries backed by solar power so there’s no need to worry about frequently changing batteries. 

The Reolink camera records videos with six infrared night vision LEDs and shares the footage via LTE cellular networks through the Reolink app. With 2K/4MP Super HD resolution, 355-degree pan and 140-degree tilt, the camera can monitor way more area than a conventional security cameras.

How It’s Used



Agriculture & Farms

    • Solar farm surveillance
    • Surveillance of equipment & livestock

    • Crop monitoring
    • Irrigation monitoring

    • Gate status

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