Smart Tank Level Monitoring for Remote Locations.

With Watchdog ST

Tank Monitoring Regardless of Location and Weather.

Remote collection and storage tanks have always been a potential liability for companies when they produce dangerous, volatile, or contaminated fluids.  Because of the potential for extremely hazardous outcomes, most industries are under rigorous constraints to respond, contain, report, and remediate spills – even those as small as a few gallons. Not only that, fines are also increasingly levied on companies even after these steps are taken.

Industries aren’t the only ones in need of monitoring fluids. Communities and individuals often have the need to monitor storage container levels in propane tanks, ponds, or containers that can be affected from rainwater or accidental overuse or overfill. 

The ability to monitor tank levels remotely can greatly reduce the chance of spills or outages. However, many conditions such as lack of cellular or Wi-Fi coverage, power outages, or extreme weather can render many monitoring methods useless, often a situation when a spill or outage is most likely to occur.

Our Watchdog ST can monitor up to 4 levels of your choosing and send alarms via text, email or phone call from essentially anywhere. Long-life battery operation and robust satellite communication works in any weather and makes Watchdog your on-the-scene, 24/7 monitor that will notify you of high or low tank levels, helping you avoid hazardous spillage and hefty fines.

Tank Level Monitoring Use Cases:


Oil & Gas

  • Too high level alarm on salt water tanks at an oil production facility
  • Too low level alarm at remote fueling facility

Water & Ranch

  • Water level in a pond
  • Water level in a livestock water tank
  • Low and high level alarm for residential water storage tank
  • Absentee owner farm or ranch water or feed storage levels
  • High water crossing water level

Propane Tank Monitoring

  • Home propane tank fuel level
  • Community propane tank fuel level

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