Gas Well Monitoring and Remote Wellhead Updates

With Watchdog ST

Gas Well Production Questions…Answered.

Many natural gas wells in the United States have been producing for many years and do not require extensive data gathering and process control to optimize their economics. However, there are still questions that need to be answered to ensure your well is producing for a positive cash flow:  

  • Is the compressor running?
  • Is the soap stick launcher working?
  • Is the plunger lift system operating properly?
  • Has the pipeline pressure increased above the limit for my well to produce?

Monitoring even the most basic functions is required to ensure your production levels are up and cash flow is optimized. Monitoring gas well facilities is often done in person which means you have the potential of increased down time if your equipment stops working until someone on-site finds it.

Sentry Technologies was founded by an operator responsible for fields that needed to be lifted from negative cash flow to financial viability.  As opposed to manually checking daily, he knew there had to be a better way to ensure the wells were producing.  Watchdog, as well as all Sentry Technology products, were built with that in mind. 

Watchdog is a simple remote alarm system that alerts operators via text message, email or phone call when one of the four alarm conditions the operator has set are realized.  Knowing this information, the field operator can then decide where to deploy manpower to make the biggest impact on cash flow in the field.  Reducing downtime and maximizing cash flow.

How Watchdog ST is Used:


Natural Gas


Oil Production

  • If a compressor is on or off
  • When pipeline pressure is too high

Rural Water Districts

  • Water tank levels
  • Tank pressure levels

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