Sentry Technologies Resellers

Everyone Wins When You Work with Sentry.

Fill a specific niche in your product offering, serving your customers’ unique needs in the process.

Leverage margin built into our reseller program to create profit.

Benefit from the resources and tools Sentry provides to help facilitate sales.

Remote monitoring systems aren’t one size fits all.

You want to provide a product offering that serves your clients’ unique needs. In order to do that you need variety in your product offering. That’s where we step in to provide proven, cost-effective monitoring systems that allow oil field operators and remote facility managers to effectively monitor wells and production facilities remotely and in real-time. Moreover, we partner closely with our resellers to support and facilitate sales. 

Become a Reseller

Contact us to schedule a meeting. We want to understand your business and your customers. Then we’ll prepare a reseller partner agreement for your review.

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