Never Miss a Moment with OnSight Reolink.

24/7/365 camera monitoring of outdoor environments.

Key Benefits

Alerts sent by text or email when movement is detected

Powered by solar and long-lasting batteries for 24/7/365 power

  Ability to search recordings

About OnSight Reolink System

Sentry’s OnSight Reolink camera allows you to keep an eye on remote properties, facilities, mobile equipment and operations. With long-lasting batteries backed by solar power, the camera is always on – keeping an eye on your assets. When movement is detected, batteries are low, or electricity is out, notifications are sent directly to you via text or email.

OnSight Reolink also has the ability to schedule recordings for specific dates and times. You can also listen and talk back in real-time. And when it’s time to search through recordings, OnSight Reolink’s video is stored in the cloud, so the time-lapse function is easy to access and makes the process easy.

    OnSight Reolink includes:

    • Weatherproof HD camera
    • Rechargeable batteries via solar panel
    • 8’ aluminum mounting pole and bracket

    By the Numbers:

    • 355-degree pan & 140-degree tilt

    • 2K/4MP super HD resolution

    • 6 IR LEDs for night vision

    • Communicates using a bulit-in 3G/4G LTE cellular network

    How It’s Used


    Natural Gas

    • Remote facility surveillance

    • Storage yard surveillance


    Oil Production

    • Construction site surveillance

    • Saltwater disposal facility monitoring

    • Video documentation of wellsite traffic

    • Monitor operations for safety and compliance


    Agriculture & Farms

    • Surveillance of equipment & livestock

    • Crop monitoring
    • Irrigation monitoring

    • Gate status

    • Solar farm surveillance

    Vacation Home Security

    • Remote entrances

    • Vehicular traffic

    • Real-time view after severe weather

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