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Money's tight. Are remote satellite monitoring systems expensive?

It’s less than you think. Many times the cost is low enough to be a capital expense, helping you avoid an additional operating expense. We also offer a rental program. Many times renting is a more cost-efficient solution. And renting is also a great solution for a small operator.

How do I get a replacement battery for the satellite sending unit in a Sentry product?

Our Watchdog ST uses a standard lithium AA or AAA batteries. We recommend lithium batteries for all our products.

Are Sentry products secure?

The Watchdog ST has a secure weathertight enclosure that can be secured with a lock. Space inside the enclosure may also be used to store sensitive instruments or gauges.

Are Sentry products user configurable?

Yes. You determine what you want to monitor and set the point that you want to get a callout for. You can adjust setpoints as necessary too.

How hard are Sentry units to install?

You can do it yourself – we’ll even provide you an instructional video. Or we can install it for you.

I’m a Gauger for a small independent. Are Sentry Products a threat to my job?

No, our products empower you by letting you know which locations need urgent attention, thereby avoiding potentially costly remediation and repair. Even the best gauger cannot monitor all locations 24/7.

Are Sentry products applicable to be used to sensitive environments?

Yes. Sentry products are Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D certified.

My producer says, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. How do I let him know that remote monitoring is a better solution than what we’re currently doing?

People are naturally reluctant to change, especially when it comes to technology. But once they realize the savings – dollars and frustration – they never turn back. Let’s sit down and talk.

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