Natural gas and propane fuel many aspects of everyday life and often go unnoticed unless the gas turns off or a leak occurs. In fact, according to the American Gas Association, over 73 million residential, commercial, and industrial premises in the United States use natural gas.

When a natural gas leak begins it is often hard to detect even with the added odorant such as Mercaptan, a sulfur-containing compound meant to help detect a leak. According to the CDC, odorants can fade when passing through pipes and drywall making it hard to detect a dangerous leak until something tragic happens like a fire or explosion. Even long-term exposure to natural gas can cause fatigue, severe headaches, memory problems, loss of concentration, nausea, loss of consciousness, and even suffocation.

A simple and inexpensive remote monitoring device connected to a household or commercial gas line can prevent hazardous gas leaks and save lives. Similar to a carbon monoxide detector, a gas leak alarm shut off device quietly works behind the scenes ready to save your life when necessary. The National Fire Protection Association estimates natural gas ignition is to blame for approximately 4,200 home structure fires and 40 deaths per year.

Easy to install directly to your gas line and powered by electricity with backup battery power, a gas leak and automatic shut off device takes minutes to start protecting your home and business. Gas sensors within the product detect leaks at the line and additional wireless sensors can also detect a leak within the building ensuring you, your family and your business are completely protected. Once a sensor detects a leak, the natural gas valve automatically shuts off and a loud alarm alerts you to the danger.

Available at most hardware and big box stores as well as online, gas leak alarm shut off devices are also inexpensive, less than $50, and worth the protection they provide. After installation, they usually do not need any maintenance except for a back-up battery change once or twice a year. Just add it to the list when you change your smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries.

Additionally, adding a Sentry Watchdog ST monitor to the shut off device will provide extra peace of mind. You can customize the Watchdog ST to send an alert to your preferred device telling you when the shut off has been triggered.

Protect your home, family, pets and business with this simple to install and inexpensive gas leak alarm device. Remember, if you do suspect a gas leak, evacuate the area immediately, call 911, your local fire department, or your utility company’s emergency line.