Many providers of remote monitoring solutions for the oil and gas industry offer a scalable pricing model. This model may offer initial cost savings when there is low usage. But, when you’re in a pinch and you need to increase remote monitoring capabilities, the cost increases.

Not with Sentry Technologies. We offer fixed pricing so that you know exactly how much you can expect to pay for each service we provide. And we won’t leave you hanging when there is an issue and you need our support the most.

Find out more about why we believe our pricing model is the right fit for your company.

Why Fixed Pricing Over Scalable Pricing?

We subscribe to the theory that pricing should be simple and predictable. When you work with Sentry, you’ll know exactly how much to allocate in advance for remote monitoring in your quarterly or annual budgets.

Consider some key advantages of going with fixed pricing through Sentry and disadvantages of working with other companies that offer scalable pricing.

– Greater situational awareness during an upset. If you’re in a bind and need more satellite signals, you will experience the same pricing as during normal operating conditions. You need to be able to de-escalate an event before there are costly consequences, not worry about the potential for increased costs to resolve an already stressful situation. With fixed pricing, you can focus on the main issue at hand.

– We make our remote satellite monitoring systems affordable. Many times the cost of purchasing one of our products is low enough to be a capital expense, helping you avoid an additional operating expense. You’ll know exactly what the cost will be before installation with no surprises after the fact.

 – We make it easy to rent. For some operators, renting is a more cost-efficient solution than purchasing one of our products. This is a great solution to keep capital costs down or to align with rental equipment operating costs. When you rent through us, we’ll set you up with access to our rental program, which carries a predictable cost that you can factor into monthly expenses.

– Customer service is built-in. Need to talk to our team when an issue arises? Need us to change out the batteries on our remote monitoring products? That won’t cost you extra. Unlike other companies that tack on customer service fees, we factor customer support into your fixed cost. That way, you don’t have to worry about whether a simple phone call to our support team or a trip out to the field to replace batteries will cost you extra.

– Don’t worry about adding users. Other companies only allow a certain number of users for their products. Then, under their scalable pricing models, the price will go up for each added user. When you are trying to grow, if you are working with contractors, or if you enter into a business agreement (e.g. joint venture), you don’t want to incur additional costs simply for adding users. With Sentry, you get the same pricing.

– Scalable pricing leads to cost increases at the worst time. One of the disadvantages of working with a company that offers scalable pricing is that your monthly expenses could swing wildly depending on usage. This is especially the case when you have an upset and you need to increase usage to monitor activity in the field. The cost to resolve the issue will add up quickly. Choose fixed pricing instead.

Talk to Sentry Technologies About Pricing for Remote Monitoring

If price is a concern for your company, then let’s have a conversation. We have been in your position before, which is why we created a pricing model that we believe is best-suited for our valued customers.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We’d appreciate the opportunity to talk to you more about how we can address any pricing concerns your company might have before utilizing our industry-leading remote monitoring solutions. Keep it simple. Keep it Sentry.