At Sentry Technologies, we’ve been in the field. We know the stakes. And we want to improve the ease and efficiency of monitoring critical infrastructure so you get the data you need in a simple, easy way. 

Whether it’s on the oil field, on a farm or a water system, Sentry Technologies delivers accurate data through easy-to-install and easy-to-use remote satellite monitoring devices that can be applied to nearly any industry. 

Well Alerts Straight to Your Smartphone

Sentry Technologies’ Watchdog MT is an inexpensive, easy-to-install individual monitor for dry contact sensors such as a Murphy switch gauge. Running off of AA batteries, it ensures producers and gaugers receive accurate data on four device setpoints you customize. Whether it’s high/low pressure, high/low tank level, electricity service on/off, you choose what you want to know when.

Because alarm notifications are sent to your smartphone via satellite, you’ll be alerted no matter your location or the location of the monitor. Imagine the time and money saved if you were notified that a compressor was on the verge of a shutdown instead of finding out afterward. 

Remote Mobile Asset Monitoring 

Need to ensure field project efficiency at the frac site? Proactive One alarm and monitor system was developed specifically to monitor mobile assets in remote locations. With thousands of industry-standard sensors for you to choose from, parameters such as geo-location, impact, free fall, temperature, humidity, fluid level, pressure and run-time can be connected to Proactive One to send you a text alert when programmed conditions have been exceeded. 

Recognize What You Don’t Know With Remote Monitoring

Our simple solutions are designed to keep you in-the-know while being low maintenance and easy to use. Just imagine: what would productivity look like if you could monitor remote automatic pumping stations? What if you could monitor saltwater levels and anticipate a spill over before it became a catastrophe? That kind of peace of mind is priceless. 

Reduce downtime, increase production and have confidence in your equipment. With a range of solutions, Sentry has the remote monitoring capabilities you need now. 

Download “5 Critical Applications for Remote Monitoring” to learn more about how even the simplest monitor could increase production and most importantly, peace of mind.