Critical Production Status 24/7.

GuardianMT Remote Systems Monitoring

Multiple alarm points and notification methods for multiple pieces of equipment.

Stand alone operation for any location without external power or communication equipment

Plug & play installation gets you up and running in no time.

Be Confidently In-The-Know

You need to know the minute an upset happens to avoid costly downtime, and keep your people and the environment safe. Just like a guardian keeps watch, our GuardianMT device alerts you when something is wrong and sends reports when there is not. Battery powered and satellite communication make this product perfect for locations that are very remote. Reports include tank levels, tubbing pressure, casing pressure, and flow.

Monitor Multiple Pieces of Equipment on One Location.

WatchDogST has four dry contacts allowing for multiple alarm points.

Notifications How You Want Them.

Notifications are programmed to meet your needs. Notify multiple personnel by pager, SMS text message, e-mail, or voice message. You can also view web-based reports (alarm status and history reports) to monitor the runtime and status of multiple units quickly and easily.

Plug, Play, Monitor.

Installation and setup for the GuardianMT is easy. Your unit will come pre-programmed and configured. Simply place the unit in a clear spot with a good view of the sky and hook up your equipment. Using satellite technology and GPS tracking, you’ll start receiving information right away.

Industry Uses

Remote compressor status

Salt water pump status

Tubing and casing pressure

Tank level readings and alarms

ESD status

Submersible pump status

Take command of your projects!

  1. Give us a call and together, we’ll assess your needs based on your specific industry, project, and challenges.
  2. We’ll recommend the right, easy-to-use Sentry monitoring product(s) to keep you confidently in-the-know with alerts and updates when an upset occurs.
  3. You’ll decrease the amount of time needed to react to an upset, increase your production time, and avoid costly and disastrous consequences.

Stop losing money due to excessive downtimes or hazardous consequences. Give us a call today and take back the power to be a successful production operator. And in the meantime, check out our eBook on critical remote monitoring vs. traditional monitoring.